Vision involves more than reading letters on a distance chart.

Behavioural and developmental optometry considers your vision in relation to reading, computers, and learning to read and write to ensure your vision is working accurately and comfortably. It involves more than just measuring your vision on a letter chart. The way that you interpret what you see depends on more than how clear your sight is at a point in time. 

behavioural optometrist perth

Behavioural and developmental optometry includes consideration of the following:

  • Measurement of focus and eye coordination. This can impact visual comfort and performance when reading and writing and using computers
  • Measurement of distance focus and ease, especially if there are symptoms of blurred vision when looking up from close or computer work.
  • Assessment and treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia) and turned eye (strabismus)
  • Assessment and treatment of tracking eye movement skills for reading fluency
  • Assessment of vision perception, or processing, to ensure these abilities are normally developed for a patient’s age
  • Assessment and management of visual issues associated with health and neurological conditions.