Adrian Rossiter is a behavioural optometrist, with a longstanding interest in children’s developing vision and its impact on learning.

Parents and their children are often referred to see Adrian, as they are worried their child is under achieving, because the way the brain and eyes function together has a tremendous impact on the learning process.

When a child’s vision isn’t working well – no matter how hard the child, parent and teacher try this can interfere with children achieving their best.


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How do I know if my child needs to see a behavioural Optometrist?

Even if your child can see the board clearly in class or has 20/20 vision, they may still have a vision problem. Sometimes, children may not develop the necessary visual processing skills to understand letters,

Numbers or words, they may also struggle with the hand-eye skills needed for writing causing problems with literacy or numeracy. Adrian will assess these conditions and provide guidance and the visual help required.

Even if your child can see the board clearly in class or has 20/20 vision, they may still have a vision problem as many children with learning related vision problems have good distance vision but have difficulty maintaining vision when reading and writing.



Many children with reading difficulties also have a vision problem

We have helped many children with vision problems, often these vision problems relate to focusing, eye teaming and stamina.

Children with these vision problems may find it difficult to concentrate when reading or writing. Or they may not be as accurate or fluent in their reading, especially when reading for longer periods.


Quick and painless testing 

At For Eyes Fremantle, we use state-of-the art equipment to conduct a thorough ocular examination. The child centred examination is interactive, fun and painless, and takes about 45 minutes to complete.




About Adrian Rossiter

Adrian has over 35 years experience as an optometrist, with a professional interest around improving children’s vision, Adrian also works with speciality contact lenses in adults and children for myopia control, and other vision impairments. Read more…