Why filter for blue light?

Blue light is one of the spectrum of colours. Natural blue light comes from the sun.  Artificial blue light comes from digital devices and lights like LED. 

With an increase in the time spent on digital devices, there is concern about the impact of artificial blue light on eyesight and sleep patterns.

During the day, blue light from the sun (along with other spectrums) suppress melatonin production causing us to form an alert and awake state whilst at night we want to increase melatonin to prepare our bodies for a deep and healthy sleep. Reducing exposure to artificial blue light through lens filters may have a positive impact on your sleep.

Eyewear with blue lens filters

At For Eyes Optometrist, we can apply blue light filters to your prescription lenses.  

The blue filter is embedded in the lens material and in conjunction with an Anti-Reflection coating provides up to 3X more protection against blue light than standard prescription lenses.

The lenses appear clear, rather than blue in colour and are therefore aesthetically pleasing.

How can I reduce eye strain and fatigue?
  • Ensure you have regular eye examinations to identify potential issues such as binocular vision, dry eye, or a need for prescription lenses.
  • Take regular breaks from your screen or device.
  • Use an app or phone filter to reduce blue light at night.
  • Avoid screen use before going to bed.
  • Consider eyewear with blue light filters.