For Eyes Optometrist provides a range of children’s vision services

The human visual system undergoes rapid development in the first few years of life. 
Early detection and treatment of eye conditions is critical to ensure normal visual development in our increasingly visually demanding world.

Any child who is suspected of having a visual problem should be seen whenever it is first noted, regardless of their age. Modern technology allows us to examine an infant’s eyes even when they are only a few weeks old.

We recommend that all children receive a routine comprehensive eye examination prior to commencing school to ensure there are no visual factors that may impede their ability to learn. Further examinations are then recommended at 2-3 year intervals unless otherwise advised.

Children Exhibiting Learning Difficulties

In addition to this, Primary School-aged children who are exhibiting learning difficulties may also benefit from more specialised visual perception skills testing which can be arranged through our practice.

Visual perception refers to a person’s ability to interpret and understand complex visual information. It is particularly important in early to mid-Primary School, whilst other learning modalities take over through the Secondary School years. Visual perceptual skills testing would not be conducted before baseline results are gathered in an extensive initial consultation visit.

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