Eye exams and contact lenses

Eye exams for contact lenses include special tests that typically are not performed in routine eye exams for spectacles. 

If you are interested in contacts, or you already wear them and want to have your contact lenses prescription updated, please let us know when you are booking your appointment.

Our optometrists spend extra time to perform all the additional test needed for a proper contact lens fitting : cornea measurements, pupil and iris measurements, tear film evaluation, evaluation of your eyes’s surface and contact fit.

Contact lenses are available for just about any prescription. 

Our Optometrists would find the perfect fit that will provide you with clear vision and will suit any form of lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact us for anymore information about contact lenses fitting.

We look forward to seeing you very soon. 

In the meantime please watch this video about the insertion/removal of dailies contacts lenses, it is very simple and easy to go along with.