Please see our FAQs below.

When do I need an Eye Examination?

At lease every two years for adults and every year for contact lens wearers.

You can be seen anytime if you have any problems with your eyes or vision. Persons with chronic eye problems will be asked to come in more often.

Children should be examined every year. Firstly, before starting school, or even younger if their parents have concerns. Even babies can be seen.

How much will it cost?

We are continuing to bulk bill general consultations to medicare , however there is a small out of pocket consultation fee of $35 which covers most routine examination procedures e.g Retinal Photography which allows a much more thorough eye examination. Contact lens appointment will include a $50 dollar initial charge and the consult fee of $35 for your first visit, any follow up appointments after your initial consult will be $50. Other special eye test’s e.g Skippers’ Tickets, attract a modest private fee.

Will I need stingy drops?

Most routine testing can be conducted without eyedrops. If they become necessary, we will advise you at the time. You may also need to avoid driving and reading afterwards. Another appointment can usually be made, if more convenient.

What is involved in getting Contact Lenses?

Extra appointments are required to take specialised measurements and trial various lenses. The cost of your contact lenses can then be determined. Fitting fees are also payable – Medicare will only pay these if you have a severe sight problem.