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This is optometry for those whom normal spectacles or contact lenses are inadequate for their daily visual needs. 

Various eye diseases and conditions may result in excessively blurred vision, blind spots or peripheral visual field loss.

Special testing leads to demonstration of strong optical magnifiers and other aids to enhance remaining sight.

Also available are electronic magnifying systems and even reading machines.

Often different solutions are required for each task such as reading, hobbies, TV and shopping.




Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

This is optometry for those with neurological conditions, such as head injury or stroke, affecting their vision.

Double vision, visual field loss and visual instability are addressed with lenses, prisms, occluders and field expanders.

If you would like to book a low vision examination, please call us on (08)9335-3433 and request our low vision expert 

Dr Kevin Adams.