What is Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is where you wear a contact lenses at night to correct your vision. The contact lenses help reshape the cornea safely through moulding the surface of the eye.  

Ortho-K is a non-surgical option for people who experience the struggles of myopia / short sightedness. It helps you to see clearly in the daytime without the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Who is suitable for Ortho-K?

A large number of prescription wearers are suitable for Ortho-K.  

To assess your eligibility, we recommend you book in for an initial orthokeratology consultation. This consultation will also explain the process of Ortho-K which involves customising a contact lens specifically for your eyes.


What are the Ortho-K risks?

The risks are minimal with Ortho-K as it does not result in a permanent change in the shape of the cornea.  It is reversible with the cornea returning to its original shape within a few weeks of ceasing to wear your Ortho-K contact lenses. 

As with all contact lenses, care must be taken to ensure good hygiene practice such as cleaning the contact lenses each morning after overnight wear.