EYEWEAR brands

We have hundreds of frames in our practice. The following are designed to give you an idea of the range and it’s contemporary flavour. You are welcome to come and browse in-store!

Moonoqool is a Danish eyewear company that is using new technologies and materials in the making of innovative eyewear.  They make ultra thin frames, lightweight with no screws.

Dandy Eyewear Italian Design

Dandys Eyewear frames are made in Italy and in limited number. For lovers of craftsmanship, Dandy Eyewear is a brand to consider, then acquire.

Barton Perreira

Crafted in Japan by hand, Barton Perreira is meticulously crafted and the highest quality in design and materials.

Ahlem eyewear


Ahlem’s eyewear is designed California and then handcrafted by artisans in limited quantities in France. The inspiration is the rich history, the beautiful architecture, and the shinning lights of Paris. Each collection takes the name from one of Paris’ many chic neighborhoods, city streets, or train stations.

JF Rey Eyewear French Design

J.F. Rey frames and designed and imported from France. They create collections of high-end glasses with innovative design, edgy and inventive styles and colours, effortlessly combining comfort with superior quality.

Committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist aesthetic, Bevel Specs use truly high-quality materials with Japanese production.

Face a Face Eyewear France Design

Face a Face frames are made in France and the designers work with volume, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give powerful expression to the personality of their wearers, whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, independent or even seductive.

Featuring classic and contemporary shapes, Tiffany eyewear is designed with precise craftsmanship and finished with iconic Tiffany detailing.

Wear the unmistakable character of Hamburg, with the European eyewear brand, Hamburg Eyewear.

Prodesign is beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. There is a feeling of lightness using transparent, thinly cut materials and colouration to create an appealing look but comfortable frame.

Orgreen frames are European designed and made of incredibly light, flexible and strong titanium.