Prescription Shooting Glasses


We are experienced in prescription shooting glasses and well known in Western Australia, our customers range from Archery to Field & Game, basically any shooting sports that you require specific glasses or prescription glasses to help clearly see the target.

Our customers prefer to purchase their glasses directly with us, as we have an on-site fitting lab. This means we create a tailored prescription for you, not only the strength required but we look further into your vision needs, knowing exactly where within the lens you need the precise vision as no two people are the same. We then put your script into your own shooting frame with your preferred tint and design.

We fit both “Hi-Scorers” & “Knoblock” Brands.

These are well known quality manufacturers of shooting frames, fog free and adjustable.



K5 Knobloch Glasses for Shooting


Knobloch K5 shooting glasses a come with an adjustable nose piece allowing it to be placed high, so that when trap shooting, they don’t come into contact with your gun. Filters can be easily changed as the Clip-on function allows for quick adjustment, these filters are put over the front of the glasses, making them adaptable to different light conditions. 


Model K5

Material: Nickel silver with colour layer, high-grade steel, silicon and PVC

Variety of additional filter colours can be attached.

Glasses Case large enough for your accessories and additional lenses if required.




Knobloch Come with a range of additional lens Colours that clip on

The filters from Knobloch clip onto your prescription glasses, this clip-on-holder is placed on the lens holder at the front. Various coloured filters are available, as depending on the light conditions you are shooting in, you might need an attachment filter. 




Hi-Scorers Sport & Shooting Glasses

High Scorers have an interchangeable lens for varying light and environmental conditions. Frames are manufactured using ECR80 making them extremely corrosion resistant, with a black anti-reflection and sweat bars prevent the frame from touching your the face.

High Scorers as for top sports men and women, why have two or more pairs of glasses when one will do everything (Archery, shooting, etc)


100% Impact Resistant Lenses

Corrosion resistant

Anti reflection technology

Sweat bars

Filters are within the lenses themselves, ask us for colour options.