At For Eyes, we help customers requiring sporting eyewear, offering personalised solutions for different outdoor activities and improving your performance with eyewear specifically made for your prescription, your comfort and your needs.

We strive to offer eyewear solutions for the whole family no matter your activity, we believe in the benefits of an active lifestyle and want you to enjoy your hobbies and sporting ventures without being restricted by sight.

For example, if you play golf or enjoy archery and shooting  as a sporting hobby, there are many benefits to specific sport eyewear.

Golfing spectacles and sunglasses pose unique challenges, particularly due to changing light conditions. Blinding sunlight, breaks on the green, frequent changes between light and shadow. Many other sports requiring variations in near and far vision can also benefit from specific sports eyewear.

Being based in Fremantle, it is easy to understand why we have customers who enjoy being out on the water or at the beach, sailing or fishing. Investing in polarised sunglasses is highly recommended and at For Eyes we can provide polarised prescription sunglasses in such brands as: Ray Ban, Mako and Maui Jim.

Progear Eyeguard Frames are an excellent sporting and safety option for all disciplines of sporting activity.

These tough, impact resistant polycarbonate frames come in an array of different sizes and colours. They can be ordered in a strap style or a temple style. The neoprene band is removable and washable.

The specialised features of the Progear Eyeguard Frames include interior side impact absorbing cushioning and an extended nose bridge section for comfort and protection against impact.

Safety Eyewear by PSG and Eyres Safety are also available in industry approved standard.

Whether you need goggles for swimming or your next skiing trip we have the right eyewear. We also provide goggles for little kids too, and are happy to provide advice anytime.