We have extensive experience fitting sporting glasses. 

Knobloch – K5

Knobloch K5 spectacle frames are a premium brand and specially designed for two handed shooting purposes. The frames are made of nickel silver and high-grade steel with silicone comfort bridges. Curlside temples (sides) make them comfortable to wear and prevent them sliding down the nose. The bridge of the K5 frames is also adjustable allowing more flexibility in height of the frame on the face thereby optimising its performance.

An extensive range of clip-on filters are available in various colours, polarised and non-polarised options.

Ask in store for more details and to view frames and clip-on filter options.  Further information on Knobloch frames can be obtained from their website

K5 Knobloch Glasses for Shooting
  • Knobloch Model K5
  • Material: Nickel silver with colour layer, high-grade steel, silicon and PVC
  • Variety of additional filter colours can be attached.
  • Glasses Case large enough for your accessories and additional lenses if required.

Knobloch come with a range of additional lens colours that clip on.

The filters from Knobloch clip onto your prescription glasses, this clip-on-holder is placed on the lens holder at the front. 

Various coloured filters are available, as depending on the light conditions you are shooting in, you might need an attachment filter. 

K5 Knobloch lens attachments

Knobloch – K1


The Knobloch Kl shooting frame is suitable for all disciplines of shooting. It comes with an adjustable nose piece that can be moved from 35mm to 50mm.

The frame comes standard with a padded carry case and may be ordered with either a 23mm or 37mm optical lens holder.

The curlside earpiece can also be custom ordered from 150mm to 180mm in length.

We also stock iris shutters that are ideal for pistol and rifle shooters who shoot with open adjustment. The iris shutter attachment fits behind the lens holder and is used to avoid disturbing reflexes in the lens and improve depth of field.

The iris shutter system is also available for those people using a KS shooting frame.

Additional attachments such as optical occluders (cover disks) and clip on filters in various colours are also available.