Vision therapy combines the use of lenses, prisms and filters in a range of individually tailored activities, aimed to improve visual efficiency and visual processing skills.


Only a small number of practices in Australia have access to the Vivid Vision virtual reality system of visual training.  It is a powerful vision therapy system that applies the latest advancements in virtual reality systems to vision training.  It has been designed to train, strabismus (turned eyes), amblyopia (lazy eyes), and to improve motor control or convergence insufficiency. 

The training typically involves a series of in-office sessions over a two to four-month period.  Tasks of increasing difficulty are presented in a virtual reality environment.  These tasks utilise the immersive virtual reality environment which are monitored and controlled by our behavioural optometrist.  The tasks have been specifically designed to help the vision system improve how the eyes see and work together.  The VR environment is both fun and engaging and is suitable for both children and adults.

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